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Hiya all natural ingredients Vegan, gluten free bars

What makes our Hiya bars a healthy snack bar? Based on a traditional Punjabi recipe for ‘panjiri’, the bars are a mix of flaxseeds, poppy seeds, melon seeds, chickpeas, coconut oil and a traditional Indian sugar called jaggery. Broken down, what do these ingredients mean for your health and living a hiya way of life?

Seeds are the building blocks of our plants. For this reason, they are a great wholesome food as they contain lots of vitamins, minerals, Omega 3’s, good fats, lignans and are also a good source of plant protein.
Chickpea flour, otherwise known as gram flour, is a Punjabi staple. Chickpeas are a legume; they are a rich source of vitamins great source of fibre and plant protein. The added bonus is that it is a gluten free!
Coconut oil is widely used and revered in India. It is known in India to be good for your skin and hair as well as your health. Coconut oil contains something known as essential fatty acids. These are in simple terms, good fats that help with providing quick energy to your brain and body. The use of coconut oil in our snacks means that whether you are out on a long trek, or a bike ride these are great snacks for cycling and running as they give you a burst of energy.

The combination of the good fats from the coconut oil, the plant protein and fibre from the chickpea flour and seeds, along with jaggery, makes our snacks low G.I. This means that they help with levelling out your blood sugars, as the carbohydrates are released slowly into your bloodstream giving you energy over a longer period of time. Also combining the good fat from the coconut oil and the plant protein is often cited by nutritionists as a great way of keeping you satiated. Hence, a perfect snack for so many reasons with the added bonus of it being a vegan snack and a healthy kid’s snack too! No wonder our mothers’ have been giving this to us since we were children.

hiya-healthy-snack-bar-all-natural-ingredients-chickpeas Vegan, gluten free bars, Chickpea Snacks
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Fabulous flavours

Cinnamon comes from the Arabic term meaning fragrant spice plant. It is loaded with antioxidants and is said to reduce bad cholesterol and lower blood sugars.

Cardamom is known for its floral aroma. It has antibacterial and antioxidant properties. It is popular in both sweet and savoury dishes in India.

Ginger, a warming and refreshing spice, goes back 5000 years. It is anti-inflammatory, helps lower blood sugars and helps improve heart disease risk factors – a powerful spice.

For chocolate lovers – cacao is chocolate in its purest form. Considered a super-food, it is full of antioxidants, packed with vitamins, minerals, and is a source of healthy fat.

In India, fennel is known to invigorate and purify the body by eliminating toxins and helping digestion.

hiya-healthy-snack-bar-all-natural-ingredients-cinnamon Vegan, gluten free bars
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