Hiya sustainability

For us sustainability and living a ‘hiya life’ go hand in hand!

We started Hiya with the single desire to bring our food heritage to our modern western lives. We want to do this in the most positive way that we can. This means fantastic taste, wholesome and healthy food whilst taking care of ourselves and our planet.

Our recipes are all natural, plant based and we aim for sustainable ingredient sourcing.

Our outer packaging is recyclable and is sustainably sourced.

We can provide zero packaging solutions to retail.

Whilst we are in small scale manufacture, our foil wrappers are not compostable or recyclable at home. However, we encourage you to use the national Terracycle scheme if your local authority does not have recycling facilities.

As we scale up, we plan to use a paper solution that will be more sustainable.

Hiya means ‘from the heart’ in Sanskrit. We couldn’t put it better! We live our hiya life by striving to take care of ourselves and the world we live in.

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