Hiya autumn

We love autumn and all it has to offer. It can paint nature and our environment in the most radiant colours. After the summer greens the earth around us slowly turns yellow, orange, red, these warm colours warm and stir our hearts. Our favourite October things are beautiful walks and making new things with pumpkins! Also, as the weather gets cooler and to keep coughs and colds at bay, we are on our daily ginger and turmeric shots 😊

Garden visits

The autumn hues of yellows and oranges are setting our woodlands alight and it’s great to spend family time out in the fresh air. To see this spectacular display of colour, we at Hiya love woodland walks but also some of our local gardens are gorgeous at this time of year: (Wisley, Winkworth Arboretum, Virginia Water). Why not visit the RHS website and see what’s going on locally for you?

Halloween pumpkins to spare?

With Halloween coming there are plenty of pumpkins in the shops. We have a great recipe for pumpkin porridge on our website. Give it a try, it’s a delicious warming breakfast idea.

Don’t forget to keep well with our ginger and turmeric shots:

We at Hiya love ginger as it has so many health benefits and it’s delicious too. Perfect choice for a Hiya bar! To strengthen your immunity, a simple way of having ginger is to try our ginger and turmeric shot


½ tsp turmeric

Grated ginger to taste

Black pepper

Hot water

Easy-peasy – mix ingredients with hot water and add cold water to taste.  Apparently, a dash of black pepper aids the absorption of turmeric.

Lastly, we wanted to share this lovely October poem with you – live your hiya life 🧡

October (Author Unknown)

October’s the month

When the smallest breeze

Gives us a shower

Of autumn leaves

Bonfires and pumpkins

Leaves sailing down-

October is red

And golden and brown

October leaves are lovely

They rustle when I run

Sometimes I make a heap

And jump in them for fun

Autumn leaves float quietly down

And form a carpet on the ground

But when those leaves are stepped upon,

Listen for the crackling sound.

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