We at Hiya have made a healthy snack bar drawing on our Punjabi heritage. 

We both suffer with allergies and have therefore removed any of the top 14 allergens as ingredients from our recipes.

However, as we are small scale, we cannot guarantee an allergen free manufacturing environment. 

We therefore warn that our bars are handmade in a facility that handles nuts and sesame.

We appreciate that this is not ideal for those of you who live with and suffer allergies. Our future plans aim to change this.

For those of us who can experience our bars with the ‘may contain’ warning, we hope that you enjoy the wholesome ingredients and like the different taste.

hiya-healthy-snack-bar-all-natural-ingredients-chickpeas Vegan, gluten free bars, Chickpea Snacks
hiya-healthy-snack-bar-all-natural-ingredients-flax-seeds Vegan, gluten free bars
hiya-healthy-snack-bar-all-natural-ingredients-jaggery Vegan, gluten free bars
hiya-healthy-snack-bar-all-natural-ingredients-dates Vegan, gluten free bars
hiya-healthy-snack-bar-all-natural-ingredients-coconut Vegan, gluten free bars
hiya-healthy-snack-bar-all-natural-ingredients-cinnamon Vegan, gluten free bars
hiya-healthy-snack-bar-all-natural-ingredients-cardamom Vegan, gluten free bars
hiya-healthy-snack-bar-all-natural-ingredients-ginger Vegan, gluten free bars
hiya-healthy-snack-bar-all-natural-ingredients-cacao-nibs Vegan, gluten free bars
hiya-healthy-snack-bar-all-natural-ingredients-fennel Vegan, gluten free bars